Sinyaya Ptitsa

The 'Sinyaya Ptitsa' is a Russian Pop band formed by brothers Robert and Mikhail Bolotny in 1975,and is one of the most commercially successful & critically acclaimed acts in history of Soviet Union popular music.

Through its history the band went on to be participated and nominated in numerous prestigious international and domestic festivals.

  • 1977 - Soviet Union Pop Artist Award.
  • 1979 - "Brinska Bistritza' Czech Republic, "Bratislavskaya Lira", Slovakia
  • 1980 - "Alen Mak", Bolgaria, "Music for Olympics '80'
  • 1985 - International youth Festival, Moscow
  • 1986 - "Rock's struggle for Peace", Cokolovo Czech Republic
  • 1989 - Cuba
  • 1991 - New York, USA
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During this time the band records & sells millions of records across former Soviet Union & after they take some time off their records continue to sell. Many critics consider the unique sound and intricatly chosen material selected by brothers Mikhail and Robert Bolotny to be at the heart of Band's success.

For the Jubelee concerts we would like to thank all artists who will join the band since each is a true individual with years of experience behind them. Their background complements & brings a wealth of sound to the band.

Band Member

Robert Bolotny

(Art Director,Saxophone)

Band Member

Mikhail Bolotny

(Musical Director,Piano)

Band Member

Oleg Kolesnichenko


Band Member

Sergey Dudin

(Guitar, Vocal)

Band Member

Vladimir Kozak


Band Member

Vladimir Maximov


Band Member

Alexandr Mashtalyarchuk